Being Everywhere, Strategically – SEO & Digital Marketing

Being Everywhere, Strategically – SEO & Digital Marketing

Being Everywhere, Strategically – SEO & Digital Marketing

The ever-changing online world means that you need to be up to date on everything digital: from website technologies to the latest platform that’s buzzing with your target market to dynamic display technologies pushing the boundaries of the content you put out and how consumers react to it.

But whether you’re an established brand, or a complete newcomer to the market, one thing’s for sure: you absolutely need to have a strong and growing digital presence, which requires not only being there, but getting the word out as well.

Enter digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a broad umbrella covering a wide spectrum of activities, covering not just Internet-based marketing and PR, but also other channels – electronic billboards, SMS, satellite radio and TV marketing – with messaging strategically tailored to the medium at hand.

The beauty is that compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing can be focused and tailored to each audience segment, and the resulting data points are key to maximizing your Return of Investment (ROI).

At Beespoke, our Digital Marketing services include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We’ve all heard that saying “The best place to hide anything is on page 2 of Google’s results because no one’s looking there”.

Whereas other strategies are quicker, SEO is a long-term game, but the long term payoff is a lot bigger for brands than any other strategy. At Beespoke, we treat SEO with due reverence as a key entity within Digital Marketing, not just a small component.

Utilizing the very best tools and drawing from the experience of our crack SEO team, we work with you and our other teams to come up with the best strategies to create perfect meeting point of:

Technical SEO: whether your website and its content is properly structured, easy for search engines to access, understand and index, thereby laying a context foundation that your site is authentic and can be trusted – which will be supplemented by On-Page and Off Page SEO strategies

On-Page SEO: Also referred to as On-Site SEO, this is the deep dive process that optimizes your website content – text, images, video – for user friendliness and easy navigation. The goal being that search engines find it easy to understand the meaning and context of the information on your website, and understand the relevance of what’s on the page.

Off-Page SEO: Beyond your website, there are other activities that you can do that add to your SEO grade – the higher you go, the higher you rank in search results. Off-Page SEO refers to social media mentions, if your brand or company has been featured on another site or blog linking back to your website.
For example, if you’re a beauty brand or an app, and a major magazine considered an authority in your industry mentions your company or product with a link, which is a prime example of Off-Page SEO at work.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): While SEO is the long-term game, SEM can be effectively utilized for the short term to gain traffic, and provide brand visibility. SEM is essentially ‘paid search marketing’, where you pay the search engine (Google, Bing) to show your ads on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when users search for a particular keyword or a set of keywords.

But it’s not as simple as putting up an ad and bidding for a set of keywords. Google looks not just at the bid, but there’s a complex AI that measures the quality of your ad as well. So there’s a keyword and key-phrase research and finalizing strategy as well as design and content strategy that determines whether your ad will show up at the top of the SERP or at the bottom.

Our team can help you figure out the best short-term strategies for SEM and implement them resulting in more traffic to your site.

Display Advertising: Also referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Display Advertising can be set up across multiple online spaces – websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, mobile apps, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

PPC runs the gamut from the ads you see before you play your video on YouTube, to banner ads that you may see on websites you visit.

Interests, location, demographics are some key elements that are used to strategically decide where to target whom, and what to show them. The goal being that we want consumers to be enticed enough to reach our website or social media profiles, where we can then convert them from a passive audience to customer to brand loyalist.

Content Marketing: Many brands and businesses don’t realize the importance of Content Marketing in the grander scheme of things. But your blog posts, ebooks, videos, audio, webinars, slide decks and images play a key role in propagating your brand authority and brand expertise through virality.

Our content specialists can whip up a perfect recipe for your content strategy for the optimum social media channels, one that allows you to be wherever your prospects are, and providing them with engaging content, building your brand credibility over time.

Email Marketing: Despite the growth in social media, email marketing is still a big tool in the Digital Marketing toolbox.

Email marketing is a key way to get in touch with potential customers, or those that have had brief encounters with your brand. By leveraging something (a discount, coupon code, free products, giveaways or access) brands can have people sign up, and over time, utilize effective content marketing and conversion strategies to ensure that your brand stays relevant, and builds up sales over time.

To find out how Beespoke can help you with your Digital Marketing needs to amplify your brand and sales, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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