Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights on your competitors with our advanced competitor analytics, that presents data that is both in-depth and actionable.

Keep a close eye on your rivals.

We live in a world transformed by the availability of data, and competitor analysis is no different. We keep a close eye on your rival’s online presence, from their website traffic and marketing strategies to their SEO efforts, advertising, content, PR, and social media performance. Gain valuable insights on your competitors with our advanced competitor analytics that presents data that is both in-depth and actionable.

Traffic Analytics

Defining success is crucial to achieving it, and what better way to gauge your traffic than to benchmark it against others in the same industry. Our analysis will help you make the right decisions and allow you to adapt your marketing and business strategy accordingly. Stay in the know of your competitor’s prospects, offerings, campaigns, conversations, and so much more with our comprehensive and Advanced Analytics Report. Knowledge is power and we at Beespoke make sure you have all the right tools to make the right decisions for your business.

Organic Research

More often than not businesses who compete in the same industry are bound to be competing against the same keywords. Equip yourself with the expertise to seek out and target relevant keywords that even your rivals have missed. We help you identify gaps in your SEO and provide you with the exact data to identify organic competitors, discover their keywords and track their ranking dynamics. Stay on top of your own shifting rankings with complete reports on gained, lost, improved, and declined keywords with rankings to get complete insight into a domain’s keyword profile.

Advertising Research

Your audience doesn’t experience your brand in isolation. Alongside yours, they are bombarded with messaging from your rivals, and you need all the information you can to stay competitive. Our advertising research report gives you a complete picture of the advertising landscape of your industry by evaluating competitor PPC spend and strategy. We provide you with Ads competitor analysis, so you can fine tune your strategy and outperform your rivals. Our advanced advertising reports dive deep into your competitor’s paid strategies with actionable data to plan your own PPC campaign and beat your opponents at their game.

Brand Monitoring Analysis

Brand monitoring looks at all mentions of you and your competitor’s brands online on third party platforms. Evaluate the effectiveness of your digital PR through detailed reports on metrics such as estimated reach, sentiment tracking, referral traffic and more. Tracking all mentions of you and your competitor brands is quite a time consuming task, so let us get busy on your behalf. The customer can only be right, if you know what they are saying. To maximize brand appeal you need to know how the world sees your brand and our advanced brand monitoring reports help you do just that.

Social Media Tracker

Nothing says direct competition like two brands on social media. With today’s digital world engaged in a war for attention, you cannot afford to turn a blind eye to what your rivals are up to on social media. Maximize your social listening by utilizing our advanced social media tracking services and stay up to date on the preferences of your audience. We provide you with complete information on your competitor’s page including their audience engagement, follower counts, hashtag relevance, and much more. With Beespoke, you will always have the insight you need on your competitor’s social media strategy and forever be two steps ahead.


Your brand’s SEO is a never ending task. We keep busy with our research and analytics to bring you constant insights on your rankings on the top search engine websites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Let us present an analysis of your website to show where you stand in the digital landscape.