Brand Strategy
& Identity

Your brand name and logo aren’t the only things that make your brand. Your brand is developed through every communication, every message, and every promise you make.

Make your brand extra sweet.

The essence of your brand isn’t just your brand name and logo, it resides in every communication, every message, and every promise you make. Your brand strategy not only dictates your brand personality, but it also ensures that your day-to-day interactions with your audience exude the right tone of voice with the right messaging for effective and lasting impact.

We develop your brand and marketing strategy in sync with your brand identity designs with a brand story that is in line with your brand positioning. Not only do you want your brand strategy to build upon your long-term goals, but you also need it to create a buzz and resonate with your audience. You need a well-defined and carefully executed brand and media strategy that is based on market research and competitor analysis. It resonates with the emotions of your audience and directly connects to their wants and needs.

Brand Names & Tagline

Every brand wants an inspiring brand name, but in today’s world having a brand name that is available on all web and social domains is the real challenge. A unique brand name is integral for your brand to stand out from the swarm of brand names we are exposed to on a daily basis. It is the first experience your customer has with your product, business or service. Your brand name is the start of your brand story and without a compelling one, your brand and its brand story will all be forgotten.

Our team of branding and marketing specialists ensure that your brand name conveys not just your brand personality but inspires trust and a sense of loyalty and your core brand brand values. But that’s not all. Add a little honey to sweeten the deal with a powerful and effective tagline. At Beespoke, we know the importance of a good tagline. It’s not just about being the essence of your brand positioning and your brand story, but a great tagline captivates your audience to associating the phrase with your brand.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is the queen bee of your brand strategy. It forms the basis of all communication and messaging and is the conceptual space you want your brand to occupy in the consumer’s mind. An effective brand positioning strategy maximizes your brand values, and customer relevancy while keeping your brand distinct from your competition.

You may know it as your brand value proposition, your brand idea, or purpose. For us at Beespoke, it’s a colony working as one. These are the ingredients that come together and form the basis of your brand positioning. We will help you uncover and formulate a motivating and inspiring brand positioning that will create and deepen meaningful connections with your customer.

Brand Strategy & Story

A brand story is an effective component of your brand strategy in making your brand memorable. Us, as human beings gravitate towards stories like bees to nectar. Research shows the human brain is deeply affected by stories. Our brain syncs with elements of the story creating relatability and a brand story is no different. The most successful brands of today are compelling story tellers. They have brand stories that work in unison with their brand strategy and create deep, meaningful and unique experiences. At Beespoke, we bring stories to life, to transform your brand in fresh and surprising ways.

We at Beespoke, know how to use the power of stories to strengthen your brand presence and brand identity. We understand how to develop a compelling brand story with authenticity to inspire genuine care and emotion with your customers.

Brand Identity Designs

A Strong brand identity design is integral in creating a unique visual identity that is easily recognisable by your audience and encapsulates the essence of your brand personality and brand positioning. While some may think brand identity refers to just a logo, we at Beespoke see it as so much more. A successful brand identity design translates your brand personality and brand image across all design collateral and integrates across all visual aspects of your business.

At Beespoke, we simplify the process of creating a brand identity and develop all the elements to ensure a strong and memorable image for your brand. Our logo design packages and full branding packages will bring that spark in your visual identity that will have your brand buzzing.

Brand Guidelines

A successful brand will never leave any aspect of its communication to chance. A brand guideline is a rule book that ensures a consistent image of your brand is presented to the world through its logo, font, color, imagery and so much more.

A great brand guideline is a reference tool to help maintain consistency in the look, feel, and brand personality. It is the bible that dictates the rules for maintaining your visual brand identity. But don’t let that intimidate you. We at Beespoke ensure that your brand guidelines are easy to use by all your teams and help create a unified brand experience to your customer. A brand guideline book developed by Beespoke will ensure that all your different teams working on the brand are aligned to present the same strong message and image.

Brand Packaging & Collateral

Your brand collateral is about making your brand stand out from the crowd and strengthening the bond between the company and customer across various mediums. From your brand packaging design to your business cards, T-shirts and stationary, you want to put the best brand collateral in your customer’s hands that isn’t just memorable but worth showing off.

As a full-service branding and digital media marketing agency, we know there’s a lot more to creating powerful brand packaging design and collateral then hastily slapping a logo on a design. Our designers are thoughtful and imaginative when it comes to creating eye catching designs that will have your customers coming back for more.


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